About Us

Hi, I am Eliana – founder of SPin Tours

I consider it a privilege that I was born, raised and have lived my entire life in the huge metropolitan area of São Paulo, Brazil. Despite the vastness and complexity of the city, I was lucky enough to get the basics on how to explore its resources and possibilities in a balanced way. 

After working for large corporate organizations for many years, I decided to embrace another career in tourism. That is when I realized I could use my knowledge of the city to help people from all over the world who come to São Paulo.

 By studying and learning about tourism, I discovered that it is not only about travelling abroad, but also locally. No matter where you are in the world, experiencing your own city by exploring its strengths and finding what fits your style and free time can be very gratifying and relaxing.

 With this new perspective, I took an unexpected trip inside myself and into my own heart, questioning my feelings about the city I live in. During this journey I have learned how to escape from clichés, break stereotypes and overcome preconceptions about São Paulo. Most importantly, I have opened my mind to a wider comprehension of the world. I now have a renewed appreciation for my city and know there is much more to São Paulo than meets the eye.

 When I receive international tourists to São Paulo, I try to take them through that same journey. I encourage them to see São Paulo beyond its business “facade’, observe everyday life and experience Brazil’s diversity and culture. By doing that I believe they can expand their understanding and get a fresh perspective of this singular metropolis, as well as Brazil.

 I hope I get to share with you the amazing features the city of São Paulo has that have captured my heart and soul for so many years. Send me an e-mail and let’s exchange ideas. Whatever the purpose of your visit is, I am sure together we can find something to inspire, entertain and surprise you.